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About Angling

Man's interest in water is as old as his history. The world of water and its inhabitants have fascinated man, who is struggling till today to explore the aquatic environment and to enjoy the beauty of nature. While standing near the water, he forgets his worries and derive pleasure from it. The excitement of chase and fascination of the water are strong stimulations of man who satisfies them through fishing. The joy and excitement of fishing is a panacea for all worldly cares and worries. Human nature is such that it likes challenges and the Angling provides this. When fish is hooked and tries hard to get out of that hook, it is the moment when angler can not resist ---- Wah kaya Seen hai.

The play or resistance offered by the fish is the climax of the game. The more fish plays, the angler gets pleasure and his passion to capture the fish enhanced. When the fish is captured, it thrills the angler. Fishing bring man nearer to God and Nature and he develops strong mind, patience and physical fitness. The sport of game Fish is an Adventure into another world, a world in which professional struggles, day to day bitter conflicts of life have no place. He comes to peace with body and mind.

Away from Noisy World...........Come in the lap of Nature...........enjoy chanting and signing of gushing water.

Mahseer is calling you. Come...........give it a tough fight. Fresh water shark challenge you..... play with it and win the game of patience.

Haryana is Lilliput in size but a giant in attainments, welcome you to "Tajewala" an "Anglers Paradise". Moved by the Adventure Spirit, Fisheries Department, Haryana arranges Angling Competition at Dadupur Head Works every year.

angling1The gamest of game fish the Mahseer is well renowned as splendid, riverine fish. Being a fish of the rocks, rapids and the hills, it has been providing sport to many enthusiastic anglers in India. Mahseer fish is found in upper reaches of river Jamuna in Yamuna Nagar district near Dadupur, Tajewala and Hathni Kund surrounded by Kalesar forest. Major General J.G Elliot in his book "Field sports in India -1980 mentioned that Mahseer is a fish" that gives the sportsman weakness and a night full of dreams and while angling it, your arms are almost worn out of their sockets and you will need all your skills and experience to keep the point of the rod up". Mahseer take bait like spoon, plug, fly or live fish. They are omnivorous in habit in their quiet mood when ample Vegetative food is available, they have preference in vegetative matter. There are many other game fishes in Haryana such as Fresh water Shark - Wallago attu, Singhara, Mytus aor, Bagarius bagaruis(Goonch), Rita rita(Khagga), Labeo rohita(Rohu), Labeo, calbasu (Kalban).

Period of License License Fee
For One Year License Rs 100
Monthly License Rs 50
Seven Days License Rs 25
Daily License Rs 5