About us

The State of Haryana, which was carved out of most backward region of  Punjab in 1966, has now earn a reputation of being one of the most prosperous State in the country. The State has good water resources in the shape of rivers, canals, drains, natural and man made lakes / reservoirs / micro-water sheds and village ponds to enable promotion of fisheries. Fish culture in Haryana is little difficult due to non availability of fishermen community and mostly vegetarian population. In the year 1966-67, only 58 hectare pond water area was under fish culture by stocking of 1.5 lakh fish seed and total annual fish production was only 600 tonne, that has been increased by covering 18207.06 hectare area under fish culture by stocking 2925.31 Lakh fish seed raising 203160.11 MT of fish during the year 2020-21 .It is proposed to stock 4400 lakh Fish Fingerling to produce 220000.00 MT fish during the year 2021-22 by covering 22000.00 hectare water area. It is envisaged to provide technical and financial assistance to 2500-3000 families in fisheries sector during the year 2021-22. 

We are different

Started with 58 hectare ponds under fish farming in year 1966, Directorate of Fisheries, Haryana has come a long way with more than  21000 hectare ponds in overall Haryana and has earned a name in Fisheries Development all over India. Focus approach is the key factor for exponential growth.