Antyodaya SARAL Portal

Antyodaya SARAL Portal


SARAL is faceless, paperless and cashless service/scheme delivery model, Antyodaya-SARAL aims to transform citizen service delivery in Haryana through complete digitization of over 380+ services. The vision for Antyodaya-SARAL is a unified platform to deliver and track Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services/schemes across the state. Two of the key components of the Antyodaya-SARAL are as follows:

Antyodaya-SARAL Portal:

  •      A Single Service Delivery Portal for Citizens.
  •      Ability to avail services/schemes from anywhere at any time.
  •      Live tracking of status of service requests.
  •      Timely delivery of services/schemes.
  •     Complete digitization of citizen services/schemes.


Antyodaya-SARAL Dashboard:

  • A Service Delivery Accountability Portal for Departments.
  • Review departments based on performance (Based on RTS compliance, customer rating and delays).
  • State-wise and District-wise view of department performance.
  • Escalation to officers on pending file requests.
  • Would help in process re-engineering of services/schemes that are not performing well.