Fisheries at a Glance

The State of Haryana, which was carved out of most backward region of erstwhile Punjab in 1966, has now earn a reputation of being one of the most prosperous State in the country. The State has good water resources in the shape of rivers, canals, drains, natural and man made lakes / reservoirs / micro-water sheds and village ponds to enable promotion of fisheries. Fish culture in Haryana is little difficult due to non availability of fishermen community and mostly vegetarian population. In the year 1966-67, only 58 hectare pond water area was under fish culture by stocking of 1.5 Lakh fish seed and total annual fish production was only 600 tonne, that has been increased by covering @@@ hectare area under fish culture by stocking @@@ Lakh fish seed raising 121000 tonne of fish during the year 2015-16. It is proposed to stock 7600 Lakh fish seed to produce 142800 tonne fish during the year 2016-17 by covering 19000 hectare water area. It is envisaged to provide technical and financial assistance to 30000 families in fisheries sector. It is also targeted to provide benefit to 1000 Scheduled Caste Families under 20-Point Programme during the year 2016-17. Haryana ranks 2nd in country in per hectare fish production.


  1. Haryana ranks 1st in the country in Inland Fish Productivity per hect./year, yet data is to be revised which is 7200 kg/hect./year and would be raised to 10000kg/hect./year by the end of 2017-18.
  2. Haryana State has been declared as disease free State in Fish Culture by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
  3. Department has enhanced the subsidy from 20% to 60% under Central Sector Scheme on Blue Revolution for Excavation, renovation and inputs of ponds, development of water logged and saline affected areas.
  4. Haryana is the first Land Locked State in the country to utilize Inland underground Saline water for culture of white shrimp Letopeneus vannamei.
  5. Hi-tech and Ultra Modern Ornamental Fish Hatchery in Jhajjar is the only project in North India approved by the Govt & will be established with the cost of 13.68 Crore.
  6. Department will establish 16 Units of Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) in Haryana with a cost of 50 Lakh each and Department will provide 50% subsidy on each unit. It will produce 40 ton fish per acre. It will increase fish production and fish productivity in the State and it will double the income of the Fish Farmers.
  7. Department will bring 400 Hectare saline affected waste land under white shrimp culture during the year 2017-18. Under SLSC, the RKVY project was approved with the budget amounting to Rs. 51.10 Crore and there is provision of 50% subsidy to shrimp farmers.
  8. Department proposes to develop about 16000 Acre water logged areas in the District Jhajjar and Charkhi Dadri for Fish Culture. This will be a source of income for the farmers whose land was destroyed and turned into water logging area due to lift Irrigation.

Fisheries Resources:

The main sources of fisheries development in the State are given as under:

Sr. No. Item Unit Area
1. Village Ponds:
i) Perennial
ii) Seasonal


2. Reservoirs / Lakes Hect. 900
3. Water Harvesting Dams Hect. 1000
4. Water Logged Area Hect. 2000
5. Saline Soil Hect. 20000
6. Rivers and its tributaries Km. 5000
7. Canals Km. 22000
8. Drains km. 2000
9. Govt. Fish Seed Farms No. 15
10. Private Fish Hatcheries No. 16
11. Fish Seed Raring Units No. 68
12. Fish Farmers Development Agencies No. 18
13. Research & Training Institutes No. 1
14. Training Subcentre, Jyotisar No. 1
15. Fish Markets No. 3
16. Field Offices No. 114

Targets and Achievements:

# Items Unit Achievements Target
- 1966-67 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1. Area Coverage Hectare 58 17016.49 - 19000
2. Seed Stocked Lakh 1.5 6042.06 - 7600
3. Govt. Fish Seed Farms No. 3 15 - 15
4. Private Fish Seed Hatcheries No. - 14 - 16
5. Fish Production Tonne 600 111203.10 121000 142800
6. Fish Productivity KG/Ha./Year - - 7000 7200
7. Fish Farmers No. - - - 30000
8. SC Families Benefited No. - 619 1110 100
9. Training to Fish Farmers No.   861 2259 3167
10. Plan Expenditure (Rs. Lakh ) 3.15 585.49 1378 1765